Glam Street Studios training:

Please email me at: to reserve your spot. Class sizes are limited to four students in order to ensure complete hands-on training. Deposit of 50% required to reserve your seat, goes towards overall cost of course. Full refund given if canceled 30 days before class, 50% refund given if canceled 72 hours before class.

Lash training is located inside my day spa: Rustic Roots Day Spa; 316 SE 123rd Avenue, Vancouver, WA.

2019 training dates:

  • Classic - November 25th

  • Classic - December 9th

  • Russian Volume - December 30th

2020 training dates:

  • Classic - January 6th

  • Russian Volume - January 20th

Class Times: 10:00am - 6:00pm

  • full training kit included

  • live model included

  • lunch hour provided, please bring own lunch or cash for nearby restaurant

Get ready to learn the following:

  • classic training $750, Russian volume training $950

  • basic and advanced training in one rather than two separate courses.

  • lash introduction: credentials required to lash, contraindications for lashes, why get lashes? natural shed cycle.

  • product knowledge: tools, sterile eyewash, lash extension varieties, shape,size curl, why its important to know what size to pick, lash adhesives, storage information, humidity importance, application, troubleshooting , removal gel and equipment

  • lash room set-up: what is needed, ventilation requirements, flow of room, proper storage of tools products and disinfectants, hygiene considerations.

  • Getting ready: body positioning, handling tweezers, posture and how to properly pick up & apply lashes.

  • client consultation: why? how to determine what the client wants, how to determine desired outcome, client release forms, educating your client, and aftercare.

  • lash design theory: designs, mapping,how each design creates a different eye shape, lashing based on safety not what clients want, how to help clients choose whats best for them, round vs almond eyes.

  • lash extension application: steps for preparing client, how to protect lower lashes, step by step application, what lashes can you lash, checking your work, what to watch for, what not to do, common scenarios and troubleshooting.

  • lash fills: how to do mini consults, procedure steps, how to fill properly

  • lash removal:why remove? single extension removal, protection from gel, step by step removal process, cleansing eye area after removal, common scenarios and troubleshooting.

  • responsibilities as a lash artist: insurance, forms, passing inspections, business license, state and country regulations.

  • business building: social media support and relationships.

  • manual is included

  • 10 hours of training time, to include live models - models provided

  • starter kit (carrying case, four trays of lashes, adhesive, tweezers, adhesive remover, aftercare kit, micro-swabs, mascara wands, cleansing brush, water dish, tape, microfoam eye-pads, glue vessel all valued at $350.00)

    why does training cost so much?

    Total cost of full day lash course: $750-950.00. Rather than paying even more and scheduling an additional training for two separate courses, this master lash course delivers a unique blend of both basic and advanced lash training courses into one! This means you’ll gain advanced training in less time and overall less money. I have packed the training with much more than listed above, allowing you to gain additional training than most courses provide. The most critical component of this master course is having the opportunity for live model, hands-0n training. This aspect of the course is crucial to truly understanding the beautiful craft of lashing. Overall, if you decide to train with Glam Street Studios, you will get much more than any other program currently offers on the market!

Rebecca has been an awesome teacher. She’s inspired me to do better. She is professional, and is very knowledgeable…

Training Day